Dialogues. Culture. Society.

Our dream is:

  • to significantly contribute to increase the number of people looking at the Mediterranean Sea as a communal home for people sharing the same destiny.
  • to produce high quality information and culture giving voice to those who work in the field to make out of the Mediterranean area a place where peace, development, integration and social justice coexist.
  • to grab the attention and arouse the interest of a wide and eterogenous audience, interested in getting information, data and willing to be surprised!
  • to narrate thoughout its culture, activist movements, economic situation and art the Mediterranean contemporary world together with its tragic current events.

Our goal is:

  • To create a Festival which is mainly an informational cultural, educational and political space. A prestigious and authoritative event that will be able to take into account all the Mediterranean Sea – bordering countries.
  • To make a space for political and cultural debate out of the Festival where to stimulate the role of Italy itself as a link between the Mediterranean area and the Europen institutions and citizens
  • To create an “ Alliance for the Mediterranean Sea” between Southern and Northern Italy in order to develop stable relationships with similar events and territories in the Mediterranean area.

Prato as the starting point

Prato will be the hosting city. The Mediterranean Sea comes into town bringing international guests and people from all over Italy.

Our decision to set the event in Prato, an inland city, is a statement itself: it symbolically declares that all the countries, the cities, must be interested in the fate of the Mediterranean area, even though they do not physically border on the sea.

We chose Prato as it is the most multicultural city in Tuscany, with more than 35.000 people from 120 different ethnic groups living permanently in its territory. They well represent the exchange opportunities and the mix of cultures, which have always been the Mediterranean area most distinctive features.

We chose Prato as it is a city looking up to the future. It is a city where contemporary art is blend into cultural experimentation, thus creating a lively and innovative artistic and cultural scene.