Vittorio Barberis
2 Aprile 2019
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Alaa Arsheed

Alaa Arsheed is a talented Syrian violinist born in Suwayda, in the province of Daraa, in which the Arab spring began against the regime in the 2011. Alaa, together with the family, managed a café-gallery called "Alpha", creating an alternative form of protest via art and culture. As tensions risen, Alaa fled to Lebanon with his brothers, carrying only his clothes and violin. In Beirut, he casually met Alessandro Gassman, while he was engaged in the production of the documentary about Syrian refugees "Torn - Strappati". Gassman wanted him in the "cast". Alaa was then noticed by Fabrica, a research center on communication in Treviso which offered him a scholarship in the 2015. Since then he has performed live and recently recorded his first album "Sham" which celebrates Damascus and the memory of his Syria.

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