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2 Aprile 2019
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Gianluca Solera

Gianluca Solera (1)
Gianluca Solera (1966) is thematic responsible for Democracy, participation and civil society for COSPE. Following his studies in city and territorial planning in Venice, Paris and Berlin, he has been adviser to the European Parliament for the Greens for 10 years. He has worked for 8 years for the Anna Lindh Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures - the most prestigious institution of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership - building a network of more than 4000 organizations from more than 40 countries, working together for the promotion of dialogue, reconciliation and human, social and cultural cooperation between Europe, the Arab world, Israel and Turkey. He is author of several publications, including “Muri, lacrime e za’tar” (2007) and “Riscatto mediterraneo” (2013).